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Antibiotic Prescribing for DCPs: Free course


About this course

Free course - no card required

Learn about your essential role as a DCP in driving and supporting responsible antibiotic prescribing practices. From patient and colleague education, emphasis on preventive care, and participation in antibiotic stewardship programs, DCPs have a significant role in ensuring the proper use of these life-saving drugs.

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This free course is relevant to dental nurses, therapists, hygienists, oral health educators, managers and other DCPs..

CPD Time: 1 hour 30 minutes(1.5 CPD Credits)

Customer feedback on this course

  • Very well written and balanced
  • Very useful and have learned many new things which I am not aware of previously
  • Great course, really will help me.
  • Really increased understanding and it helped me to correct my thoughts and belief about antibiotics.

Assessment: 12 MCQs. Pass mark 75%. more…

On passing the assessment you will immediately receive a GDC-recognised Enhanced CPD Certificate.

To enhance the understanding and knowledge of dental care professionals regarding antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal prescribing practices in dentistry.

Course objective:
• Participants will become well-acquainted with the principles of antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal prescribing in the dental context, ensuring that they can provide informed care, assist in patient education, and support dentists in the decision-making process.

Anticipated learning outcomes:
The learner will:
• Recognise the differences between antibiotics, antivirals, and antifungals, and their common indications in dentistry.
• Understand the reasons for and the importance of antimicrobial stewardship.
• Appreciate the risks associated with inappropriate prescribing, including resistance, and side effects.
• Assist the dental team in making informed decisions regarding the necessity and type of antimicrobial prescription by understanding the current guidelines and best practices.
• Effectively communicate to patients the importance of correct antimicrobial use, and the risks of misuse.

GDC Development Outcomes:

Learning content:
Antibiotic Prescribing for Dental Care Professionals | Antimicrobial Agents | Antimicrobial Stewardship | Prescribing Principles | Antibiotic Guidelines in Practice | Antivirals and Antifungals | Prophylaxis | Resistance and Side Effects | Patient Communication and Education

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Antimicrobial prescribing
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Take the Verified Learning course on Antimicrobial Prescribing.
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