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Breaking bad news for DCPs


About this course

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Are you a non-dentist member of the dental care team, seeking to enhance your skills when faced with the tough conversations involved in breaking bad news? This course is tailored just for you.

Our course is crafted to provide dental care professionals like you, beyond just the dentists, with a profound grasp of the art of compassionate communication. Understand the unique challenges of different roles, know what to do when the dentist has missed something important or serious, and master strategies to support patients empathetically and effectively.

Delivering challenging news in a dental environment doesn't solely fall on the shoulders of the dentist. Whether it's sharing unexpected findings, explaining complex treatments, or simply handling sensitive patient queries, every member of the dental care team must navigate these intricate interactions.

Every step in the dental care journey, from reception to chairside, is an opportunity to demonstrate compassion, understanding, and professionalism. Equipping yourself with the right tools to communicate bad news is not just beneficial, it's essential.

Boost your confidence, elevate patient trust, and become central to delivering exceptional patient care. Sign up now and make a difference with every conversation!

This free course is relevant to nurses, hygienists, therapists, CDTs, receptionists and other members of the dental care team..

CPD Time: 1 hour 30 minutes (1.5 CPD Credits)

Customer feedback on this course

  • Very informative and precise about the essential components of breaking bad news
  • Excellent, really helped me understand the topic in a clear and detailed manner.
  • It was really nice and enlightening, great to see it was actually created for dental nurses.
  • A really meaningful course. Helps to communicate better in tough situations.
  • Clear , precise and gives proper understanding about delivering bad news to patients and how to effectively support and guide them through the situation.

Assessment: 12 MCQs. Pass mark 75%. more…

On passing the assessment you will immediately receive a GDC-recognised Enhanced CPD Certificate.

To equip Dental Care Professionals with the essential knowledge, skills, and best practices to effectively and compassionately communicate unfavourable or unexpected news to patients while maintaining professional collaboration within the dental team.

Course objective:
• To understand the emotional, psychological, and practical implications of delivering bad news within a dental setting.
• To foster effective communication strategies that promote patient trust, collaboration with the dental team, and adherence to professional ethical standards.

Anticipated learning outcomes:
The learner will:
• Identify situations that require the delivery of unfavourable news to dental patients.
• Employ evidence-based techniques to convey bad news in a compassionate, clear, and ethical manner.
• Demonstrate effective communication with other members of the dental team, ensuring the patient's best interest is prioritised.
• Respond empathetically to patient reactions, provide emotional support and address immediate concerns.

GDC Development Outcomes:

Learning content:
Breaking bad news for DCPs, Introduction, The dental examination, Action Plan for Therapists, Managing Unexpected Observations, Supporting Patients Post-Diagnosis, Handling Emotions, Assisting with Treatment Planning, Missed diagnoses, Navigating the Aftermath, Course Completion

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PDP Learning or Maintenance need
Conveying challenging news effectively
How does this relate to my field of practice?
Essential for patient trust and collaboration in care.
Which development outcome(s) does it link to?
A, D
What benefit will this have to my work?
Improved patient trust, enhanced team collaboration, and personal satisfaction in elevated communication skills
How will I meet this learning or maintenance need?
Take the Verified Learning course "Breaking bad news for DCPs".
When will I complete this by?

Note: After copying and adapting the suggested PDP entry, remember to reflect, plan, act, and evaluate for every CPD activity you undertake.