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Burning Mouth Syndrome


About this course

This free course is designed for dental professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS). It will equip you with the skills and knowledge required to diagnose and manage this complex condition effectively.

This course looks into the intricacies of BMS, providing insights into its symptoms, risk factors, and causes. You will learn about the diagnostic process and the multifaceted approach required for effective management.

Understanding and effectively managing BMS is very important for dental professionals. This course offers a comprehensive exploration of diagnosis, management, and treatment strategies, enhancing your capability to offer comprehensive care to your patients.

Gain essential knowledge to handle cases of Burning Mouth Syndrome, from accurate diagnosis to effective treatment and patient management. Enhance your professional skills and improve patient outcomes with our expert-led course.

This course is relevant to dentists, nurses, hygienists, therapists, and other dental care professionals.

CPD Time: 1 hour (1 CPD Credit)

Customer feedback on this course

  • Extremely informative, offering a clear understanding of Burning Mouth Syndrome.
  • Comprehensive and insightful, especially regarding psychological factors.
  • Valuable insights into treatment and management strategies.
  • Invaluable for dental professionals dealing with BMS.
  • Thorough and practical, enhanced my diagnostic and treatment skills.

Assessment: 12 MCQs. Pass mark 75%. more…

On passing the assessment you will immediately receive a GDC-recognised Enhanced CPD Certificate.

To provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS), focusing on its diagnosis, management, and treatment strategies.

Course objectives:
• To familiarise learners with the symptoms, risk factors, and causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome.
• To equip learners with the skills and knowledge necessary for diagnosing, managing, and treating BMS effectively.

Anticipated learning outcomes:
The learner will:
• Identify the main symptoms and demographic most commonly affected by Burning Mouth Syndrome.
• Understand the role of psychological factors such as anxiety and depression in the development or exacerbation of BMS.
• Recognise various potential physical causes of BMS, including nutritional deficiencies, oral candidiasis, and denture-related issues.
• Demonstrate knowledge of the diagnostic process for BMS, including the importance of ruling out other conditions with similar symptoms.
• Develop an understanding of the various treatment options for BMS, including pain management, psychological support, and appropriate pharmacological interventions.

GDC Development Outcomes:

Learning content:
Burning Mouth Syndrome Overview, Symptom Recognition, Risk Factors and Causes, Diagnostic Strategies, Treatment and Management Techniques

Show suggested PDP entry

You can copy and adapt this example PDP entry for your own needs and circumstances. The format complies with GDC guidance on PDP structure.

PDP Learning or Maintenance need
Deepening knowledge in Burning Mouth Syndrome (BMS) for improved patient care.
How does this relate to my field of practice?
As a dental professional, understanding and managing BMS is essential for accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.
Which development outcome(s) does it link to?
C - Maintenance and development of knowledge and skill within your field of practice.
What benefit will this have to my work?
Enhanced understanding of BMS will lead to better patient diagnosis, more effective treatment plans, and improved patient outcomes.
How will I meet this learning or maintenance need?
Complete the Verified Learning "Burning Mouth Syndrome" course.
When will I complete this by?
Target completion date:

Note: After copying and adapting the suggested PDP entry, remember to reflect, plan, act, and evaluate for every CPD activity you undertake.