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Oral Medicine for DCPs


About this course

This comprehensive course is tailored for dental care professionals to expand their knowledge in oral medicine. It focuses on common oral medicine conditions, enhancing skills in diagnosis, management, and patient care.

Oral medicine is a vital field within dental care, dealing with various conditions affecting the mouth and facial region. As dental nurses, hygienists, and therapists, gaining knowledge in this area is very important. This course aims to impart a comprehensive understanding of oral medicine, focusing on conditions commonly encountered in dental practice.

Your roles often place you at the forefront of patient interactions. This course is designed to empower you with the knowledge to not only assist in the clinical setting but also to advise and support friends and family who may experience these conditions.

It's important to remember, however, that while you can provide guidance and support based on your knowledge, actual diagnosis and treatment plans should be left to dentists or doctors.

Each oral medicine condition is presented here in a detailed yet accessible manner, focusing on the essentials relevant to your professional responsibilities.

This course is structured to provide essential information without overwhelming detail. It will enable you to better understand the conditions your patients might face, enhance patient care, and improve collaboration within the dental team.

This course is relevant to dental nurses, hygienists, therapists, also for dentists and other dental care professionals.

CPD Time: 2 hours (2 CPD Credits)

Customer feedback on this course

  • Invaluable insights into oral medicine, greatly enhanced my clinical practice.
  • Covered a wide range of conditions, very informative and practical.
  • The course improved my understanding of patient care in oral medicine.
  • Excellent structure, making complex topics easy to grasp.
  • Essential for any DCP looking to advance in oral medicine.

Assessment: 12 MCQs. Pass mark 75%. more…

On passing the assessment you will immediately receive a GDC-recognised Enhanced CPD Certificate.

To provide DCPs with an in-depth understanding of common oral medicine conditions, enhancing their skills in diagnosis, management, and patient care.

Course objective:
• Identify and understand key oral medicine conditions.
• Educate and support patients, collaborating effectively in a dental team.

Anticipated learning outcomes:
The learner will:
• Recognise symptoms and treatments of specific oral conditions.
• Differentiate between various oral diseases.
• Understand the pathophysiology of oral medicine conditions.
• Apply knowledge to patient care and education.
• Collaborate within a multidisciplinary dental team.

GDC Development Outcomes:

Learning content:
Aphthous Stomatitis, Atypical Facial Pain, Behçet Disease, Black Hairy Tongue, Burning Mouth Syndrome, Cold Sores - Herpes Labialis, Oral Candidiasis, Oral Lichen Planus, Pemphigus and Pemphigoid, Salivary Gland Diseases, Trigeminal Neuralgia

Show suggested PDP entry

You can copy and adapt this example PDP entry for your own needs and circumstances. The format complies with GDC guidance on PDP structure.

PDP Learning or Maintenance need
Enhancing knowledge in oral medicine conditions
How does this relate to my field of practice?
Very important for accurate diagnosis and effective patient management in dental care.
Which development outcome(s) does it link to?
What benefit will this have to my work?
Improved diagnostic and management skills, enhanced patient care in oral medicine.
How will I meet this learning or maintenance need?
Enrol in the course "Oral Medicine for DCPs".
When will I complete this by?

Note: After copying and adapting the suggested PDP entry, remember to reflect, plan, act, and evaluate for every CPD activity you undertake.