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Practice Management: Managing Supply Chains


About this course

This free course is tailored for Dental Practice Managers, focusing on the effective management of dental supply chains in compliance with UK regulations. Gain essential insights into the intricacies of supply chain management within the dental healthcare setting.

Explore various facets of supply chain management, including regulatory compliance, best practices, efficient inventory management, and effective supplier relationships and negotiations.

The course emphasises not only compliance with UK laws and regulations but also on practical approaches to optimising inventory and forging strong supplier relationships. These skills are essential for maintaining efficiency and high standards of patient care in dental practices.

Enhance your management capabilities and ensure your dental practice excels in supply chain efficiency and regulatory compliance. Join us to transform your approach to dental supply chain management.

This course is specifically designed for Dental Practice Managers.

CPD Time: 1 hour (1 CPD Credit)

Customer feedback on this course

  • Highly informative and relevant, significantly improved my management skills.
  • Comprehensive insights into UK regulations and compliance strategies.
  • Practical and applicable techniques for inventory and supplier management.
  • Excellent balance between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Assessment: 12 MCQs. Pass mark 75%. more…

On passing the assessment, you will immediately receive a GDC-recognised CPD Certificate.

To enhance the understanding and skills of Dental Practice Managers and management-focused DCPs in effectively managing dental supply chains in compliance with UK regulations.

Course objectives:
• Comprehensive knowledge of UK regulations relevant to dental supply chains.
• Development of effective strategies for inventory management and supplier negotiations.

Anticipated learning outcomes:
The learner will:
• Understand key regulations impacting dental supply chains in the UK.
• Implement effective inventory management strategies.
• Develop skills for negotiating favourable terms with suppliers.
• Recognise the importance of ethical standards in supply chain management.
• Apply best practices in maintaining compliance and efficiency.

GDC Development Outcomes: B

Show suggested PDP entry

You can copy and adapt this example PDP entry for your own needs and circumstances. The format complies with GDC guidance on PDP structure.

PDP Learning or Maintenance need
Effective management of dental supply chains in compliance with UK laws
How does this relate to my field of practice?
Essential for ensuring operational efficiency and high standards of patient care.
Which development outcome(s) does it link to?
What benefit will this have to my work?
Enhanced skills in supply chain management, improved compliance and efficiency.
How will I meet this learning or maintenance need?
Take the Verified Learning course "Managing Dental Supply Chains".
When will I complete this by?

Note: After copying and adapting the suggested PDP entry, remember to reflect, plan, act, and evaluate for every CPD activity you undertake.