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Safeguarding Children for Sports Coaches and Volunteers (Level 2)


About this course

Free course - no card needed!

Everyone who interacts with children and families has a essential role in safeguarding children and protecting them from harm. It is a shared responsibility.

Sports professionals, including coaches, officials, volunteers, and staff, are in unique positions of trust and are required to ensure the safety and well-being of the children in their care.

This complete and comprehensive online course provides the necessary knowledge and skills to meet current best practices in safeguarding, aligning with the requirements of relevant sports governing bodies and child protection regulations. Through this free course, you will learn how to effectively recognise, respond to, and share safeguarding concerns, ensuring a safer environment for young athletes.

As a parent, you may wish to satisfy yourself that the sports staff who look after your child are fully up to date - you can recommend this course to them and ask to see the Certificate.

This free course is relevant to sports coaches, officials, volunteers and staff.

CPD Time: 3 hours (3 CE Credits)

Assessment: 10 MCQs. Pass mark 80%. more

Customer feedback on this course

  • Videos are very well chosen, complement the text well and reinforce the messages of the module. They are powerful messages which are both memorable and disturbing.
  • Really excellent. Had not realised that Child-on-Child abuse and Institutional abuse are now coming to the fore and is being taken seriously.
  • This course was very helpful. It was shocking to see rising child abuse in such young children.
  • Really gut wrenching video's to watch, but it really got me thinking about abuse issues, thankyou for such a relevant course.
  • I went through the whole module. I had previously attended courses on Safeguarding however none have had the detail or quality this course provided.
  • Excellent course, this is the best safeguarding module I have taken.

Level 2 safeguarding requirement: minimum 3 hours safeguarding training every 3 years.

The aim of the learning and teaching materials in this course is to allow sports professionals and volunteers to develop their knowledge, understanding and competence in safeguarding children, in line with their identified personal learning requirements.

Course objective
• to update sports coaches, officials, volunteers and staff with current best practice in Safeguarding Children, to Level 2

Anticipated learning outcomes:
The learner will
• Know how to recognise, respond to and how to share safeguarding concerns.
• Understand and recognise the barriers regarding engagement and compliance by children, young people and their families
• Understand how to contribute to inter-agency assessment by gathering and sharing information
• Have a clear understanding of how families can access support
• Know how and when to consult with a safeguarding lead
• Through achieving these outcomes, provide an improved level of service to the children under their care.

Learning content:
Safeguarding Children for Sports Coaches and Volunteers (Level 2), Introduction, When harm is suspected, Grooming, Responding to Disclosures, Professional Boundaries, Parental Involvement, Support When Facing Accusation, After a Referral, Safeguarding Policy and Lead, Vulnerable Groups, Warning Signs of Abuse, Physical Abuse, Signs of Emotional Abuse, Signs of Sexual Abuse, Sexual Exploitation, Child-on-Child Sexual Abuse, Neglect, Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery