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Sterile setup for oral surgery


About this course

Free course - no card required

Using videos as guides, dental professionals will engage with a series of comprehensive topics that are key to mastering sterile setup. Starting from the basics of hand washing and drying to the more intricate skills of donning a sterile gown and gloves, each step is very important.

You will learn the correct techniques for draping work surfaces and operating lights, managing tube sleeving, and ensuring that the entire setup is optimally sterile before any procedure begins.

This free course is a GDC Highly Recommended CPD Topic (Disinfection and decontamination).

This course is relevant to the whole dental team, particularly those involved in assisting in oral surgery.

CPD Time: 1.5 hours (1.5 CE Credit)

Customer feedback on this course

  • Geat delivery and videos helped give good perspective.
  • Fantastic learning opportunity. Well explained and detailed.
  • As a nurse that hasn't assisted surgically for quite some time, this was a fantastic refresher course in how to set up aseptically.
  • Excellent explanation of the importance of the sterile field and aseptic technique.
  • Very informative. clear and straight to the point

Assessment: 12 MCQs. Pass mark 75%. more…

On passing the assessment you will immediately receive a GDC-recognised Enhanced CPD Certificate.

The aim of the learning and teaching materials in this course is to enhance knowledge and skills in establishing a sterile surgical environment for advanced oral surgery procedures..

Course objective:
• To understand the principles and importance of maintaining sterility during oral surgery.
• To learn the step-by-step processes and techniques involved in creating a sterile surgical field.

Anticipated learning outcomes:
The learner will be able to:
• Explain the rationale and scientific basis for a sterile surgical environment when undertaking oral surgery.
• Demonstrate proper techniques for hand hygiene, including surgical scrubbing and drying.
• Apply appropriate methods for donning sterile attire like gowns, gloves, and masks.
• Setup a sterile field by draping surfaces, equipment, and lights using sterile drapes.
• Arrange surgical instruments efficiently on the sterile field for accessibility during procedures.

GDC Development Outcomes:

Learning content:
Sterile setup for oral surgery | Course Overview | Hand Washing | Hand Drying | Donning the Gown | Sterile Glove Donning | Tying the Gown | Draping the Work Surface | Draping the Operating Light | Tube Sleeving | Setup completed

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Sterile setup for oral surgery
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